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Business/Legal Planning

Tasks: To facilitate the process of answering key sustainability questions; to explore legal issues; to draft a business/sustainability plan.

Education & Professional Development Planning

Tasks: To draft a professional code of ethics; to catalogue health literacy professional development opportunities;to identify needs and gaps.

Marketing/Communications Planning

Tasks: To create a website (establish a URL, design a logo); to coordinate messaging for social media; to draft a communications plan.

Membership Planning

Tasks: To articulate membership benefits, categories and dues structure; to propose
a membership campaign.

Mission /Vision Statement Planning

Tasks: To draft a mission and vision statement; to draft value statements; to facilitate a process for adopting the plan.

Organizational Structure Planning

Tasks: To propose organizational structure and bylaws; to facilitate process for adopting organizational structure and bylaws.

Policy/Advocacy Planning

Tasks: To identify opportunities for shaping global health literacy policy; to consider areas of need and role in advocacy.

Research Planning

Tasks: To explore opportunities and supports needed for high quality, peer-reviewed
health literacy research.


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