Update to IHLA Members

IHLA Constitution and Bylaws. The IHLA Executive Board approved a comprehensive constitution and bylaws in late December 2017. The constitution and bylaws are based on three successful, diverse, international, non-profit, professional organizations. The constitution and bylaws establish the future processes for IHLA’s: elections; member-initiated Divisions and Interest Groups; the Executive Board; and operating procedures. See

Two Immediate Implications. 1) The constitution and bylaws encourage members to establish Divisions and Interest Groups. More information is provided immediately below. 2) IHLA’s working groups will be converted soon to be consistent with the elected and appointed Standing Committees specified within the constitution and bylaws. More information about this process is forthcoming.

Interest Groups and Divisions. IHLA members are encouraged to create Interest Groups based on topics of common interest. There are so many possibilities. It is really up to members to decide Ideally, we hope many Interest Groups will form within the organization and provide an entry for organizational participation by all members. The new constitution and bylaws suggest an Interest Group is composed of 15 IHLA members and becomes a Division when their membership reaches 40. In the future, Interest Groups and Divisions will have opportunities for programming at IHLA conferences.

IHLA’s Executive Board. IHLA’s current Executive Board will serve for three years (2017-2020). The Executive Board will implement the organization’s constitution and bylaws to form Standing Committees. In the future, IHLA members will elect the organization’s leadership. A list of current Executive Board members is available on our website:

2017 Initiatives by IHLA’s Current Membership and Executive Board.

  • Professional development. This group is working on developing a health literacy professional code of ethics.
  • Research. This group organized poster tours at the 2017 ICCH-HARC conference.
  • Membership. About 350 people from around the world joined IHLA in 2017.
  • Website development. expanded in 2017 and significant changes are planned for 2018.
  • Strategic planning. This subgroup of the Executive Board advanced the now-approved IHLA constitution and bylaws in 2016-17.
  • International cooperation. In 2017, IHLA members also contributed to the successful Asian Health Literacy Association meeting.
  • Business office. IHLA hopes to have the funds to establish an independent business office to support the organization in 2019.

A few of IHLA’s 2018 goals. 

  • Begin conversion to an organization administered by IHLA’s constitution and bylaws
  • Encourage the development of member-initiated Interest Groups and Divisions
  • Develop the IHLA website
  • Expand membership
  • Initiate a Council of Affiliates (composed of affiliated organizations)
  • Foster international meetings

We urge your involvement and especially hope you and your peers will begin to organize IHLA’s Interest Groups and Divisions IHLA’s new organizational framework is an open, de-centralized system where every member can be meaningfully involved.