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HARC/HLiA Conference 19-20 Oct 2020

The Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA), the Horowitz Center for Health Literacy at the University of Maryland, and the producers of the Health Literacy Annual Research Conference (HARC) are teaming up for the virtual event, scheduled for October 19-21, 2020.

This virtual, integrated continuing education conference brings together two health literacy educational events—HARC and Health Literacy in Action (HLiA):

HARC has a 10-year history of highlighting the best in health literacy research

The HLiA conference, co-sponsored by IHA and the Horowitz Center, has for the past 2 years showcased practice and policy ideas to advance health literacy and health equity

IHA brings its 19 years’ experience in providing operational solutions to improve health literacy and health equity from its annual west coast conference

Conference coordinators Michael Villaire (IHA)Cynthia Baur, Ph.D (Horowitz Center) and Michael Paasche-Orlow, MD (HARC) are creating an innovative, cross-disciplinary agenda highlighting current health literacy research, practice, and policy. The agenda will provide examples of how research informs practice, practice provides insights for research, and policy helps to implement improvements arising from these insights.


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