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Both the Research Standards and Practice Standards Committees are elected committees, made up of IHLA members each who serve for a 3 year term. You can find more information about these elected committees on our Committees and Councils webpage.

2022-2024 Research Standards committee members

Tuyen Van Duong, Taiwan (Chair)

Elena Carbone, USA (Co-chair)

Danielle Muscat, Australia

Elisabetta Corvo, UK

Juliana Elisa Ascolani, Germany

Jürgen Pelikan, Austria

Josefin Wangdal, Sweden

Manuela Malaguti Boyle, Australia

2022-2024 Practice Standards committee members

Bill Stone, USA (Chair)

Cristina Vaz de Almeida, Portugal

Mark Matthijs Bakker, Netherlands

Mahesh Bhatt, India

Sophia Pagtakhan Wong, Canada

Tara Chen, Canada

Verna McKenna, Ireland

 To learn more about elections, visit our Elections webpage.


New or noteworthy health literacy publications (click the publication titles to access the publication):

  • Predictors of eHealth Literacy and Its Associations with Preventive Behaviors, Fear of COVID-19, Anxiety, and Depression among Undergraduate Nursing Students: A Cross-Sectional Survey

  • COVID-19-related Fear, Stress, and Depression in School Principals: Impacts of Symptoms like COVID-19, Information Confusion, Health-related Activity Limitations, Working Hours, Sense of Coherence, and Health Literacy

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