International Health Literacy Association (IHLA)

The International Health Literacy Association (IHLA) is a non-profit, member-based association dedicated to the professional development of our members and the health literacy field. IHLA serves a diverse range of stakeholders engaged in health literacy research, policy, education and practice.

Why join IHLA?

  • Publish and support premiere, peer reviewed journals and other publications dedicated to health literacy research
  • Maintain a comprehensive clearinghouse of health literacy activities, projects and practices worldwide
  • Stimulate multidisciplinary and international approaches to research and practice
  • Foster innovation through interdisciplinary, multinational, and regional collaboration
  • Elevate the profile of health literacy research and practice among health literacy professionals, other health care professions, public officials, and the public
  • Foster awareness of health literacy’s best practices
  • Provide and coordinate health literacy professional development globally
  • Provide support to students and faculty in higher education and professional schools
  • Establish a venue for professional service among health literacy practitioners, researchers, and faculty
  • Link health literacy researchers, practitioners, and faculty around the world to validate and promote best practices
  • Link members to health literacy resources and services
  • Advocate for health literacy awareness and implementation within the health care delivery systems and public health practices
  • Raise public awareness about the need to elevate health literacy
  • Engage patients and adult learners in health literacy activities
  • Give support to health literacy and health education in educational settings in addition to non-formal adult education

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