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European Public Health Association (EUPHA) presents two webinars on health literacy

Two Webinars on Health Literacy, 16 May 2022

  1. Measuring Health Literacy in Children and Adolescents

  2. Health Literacy Interventions in Schools


  1. Orkan Okan (TUM, EUPHA WGHL, EUPHA HPS)

  2. Kristine Sørensen (GHLA)

Webinar 1: Start: 10.00h (CET) | End: 11.00h (CET)

In the first webinar, two projects of the Health Literacy in Childhood and Adolescence Research Consortium (HLCA) will respond to the evidence gap concerning children and adolescent`s health literacy by introducing key findings from two large scale representative surveys in Germany. HL-Kids-NRW and MOHLAA both have developed target group specific measurement tools based on the HLS model of health literacy to assess child and adolescent health literacy in the school and everyday context.

Webinar 2: Start: 11.00h (CET) | End: 12.00h (CET)

In the second webinar, three projects will present their interventions for promoting health literacy in schools, including classroom and whole-of-school approches. The particular focus of the interventions is on digital-, mental- and organizational health literacy. Each project will present the concepts, the development of the intervention and key results generated so far.


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