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Happy Health Literacy Month

Happy Health Literacy Month

The International Health Literacy Association (IHLA) is pleased to announce a new website for Health Literacy Month 2022. We will also be hosting an IHLA@AHLA Open Forum - please join us. See more information below.


IHLA Launches New Website. Visit

The website technical team invites IHLA members to provide feedback and suggestions through October 30, 2022. Visit the website to leave a comment or email


Interest Group Webinar Series by Council of Divisions and Interest Groups

IHLA interest groups offer webinars on their field of study and practice. Visit archives to watch webinars today.

To schedule your interest group webinar, contact


IHLA@AHLA Open Forum

IHLA members and AHLA 8th International Conference participants are invited to join the IHLA@AHLA Open Forum.


IHLA is an ALL volunteer organization

run by and for its members

We are looking for volunteers to help us publish our monthly newsletter.

Contact Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi, IHLA Secretary General,



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