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Newsletter October 2020

Health Literacy Solidarity In this time of turmoil, the International Health Literacy Association focuses on global solidarity. October is #HealthLiteracyMonth. We are asking IHLA members to contribute quotes, graphics, and impressions on how health literacy strengthens global health and solidarity. A selection will form the new book #IHLASolidarity. To contribute, email

Webinar #4: Vaccine Literacy for Global Protection – Thursday, October 29, 2020  Join this webinar to consider vaccine hesitancy and COVID-19 misinformation, critical health literacy and the right to know about vaccine risks and benefits. Learn from health literacy experts what you can do to change vaccine social norms for global community protection. It’s FREE!  Register HERE


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Global Health Literacy Summit 2021

After careful consideration of global developments and future prospects, the International Health Literacy Association (IHLA) Executive Board has concluded that the Global Health Literacy Summit 3-5 O


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